If you seek Amy

Little break in my vacation report to talk about music.

The other day I was scrolling through the replays of Arte on their app (for people who don’t know Arte, it is a French/German TV channel that deals a lot with culture and society) and I discovered this : an amazing concert of Amy Winehouse with a very cool interview of her in 2006 and documentary film about her life!

I was so hypnotized that I had to watch the concert twice. Amy’s voice, her interpretation, her cuteness in the interview and her knowledge in music, everything impressed me.

Athough I knew the most popular songs of her album Back to black, I was not a big fan of the music and thought it was quite mainstream. I rediscovered her a few years ago when I decided to listen to her album Frank. This album was so special, so jazzy. It instantly became my favourite album.

I became aware of the greatness of Back to black only later when watching videos of Amy’s live performances. The lyrics have a totally different meaning when you see how she interprets the songs.

After having listened to all her songs and watched all the videos of her performances I felt frustrated to know that I will never ever see anything new with Amy in it. So for me these videos are like a real treasure!

I totally recommand you to watch the videos before they are deleted from the replay (which means that you have until saturday).

Seen on the run (2) :

- Two guys dressed the same way practicing some kind of fighting art. The one with the big bamboo sticks. My reaction.

- A monk with its typical outfit. Yes, you know the brown poncho, the Roman sandals, prayer beads in the hand. But he was wearing a hipster blue and white checked shirt underneath the poncho. My reaction.

- The perfect sunday jogger. The one who has the best equipement: new shoes, very light lycra clothes and cardio watch. But he seemed to be not as fit as its clothes as he stopped running after getting a side cramp less than 1500 metres after its start. His friend laughing at him. My reaction.

- After a music open air festival, a group of young folks sitting around empty beer bottles. On monday morning. Because school suxx. My reaction.

- Guys putting perfume on before going for a run.  My reaction.

- A dog dominating its master. Explanation: the guy was running with his dog. At a crossroad, the guy continues his way through the park. The dog stops. He wants to turn left to go back home. His master notices it and tries to make the dof come to him. Big fail, the master has to follow his dog the tail between his legs. My reaction.

- A group of ten people dressed in kimonos and standing in a circle. They were one by one going in the middle of the circle to make some crazy moves. My reaction.

- A woman hugging…. a tree. My reaction. My second reaction.

- A young boy peacefully sitting on the side of the road next to his bike. Under the rain.  My reaction.

- A bunch of policemen blocking the road with their cars. They were all on the edge of the road looking in the Loire (river). There was probably a car in the river as I saw a tow truck driving by later. My reaction. My second reaction.

- A guy with a white sanitized outfit. You know, the same one that people wear in case of an epidemic. He was alone, talking on the phone, in the middle of a big parking. My réaction.

- Women putting perfume on before going for a run. My reaction.

Who said jogging was not fun?

Vamos a Barcelona #2 – On my plate

Spanish food is very tasty. After all, putting garlic olive oil (and A LOT of it) everywhere never spoiled a meal, right?

But the only problem about spanish food is that no matter how clearly you explain / show / make the waiter repeat your order, it is likely that there will be a slight difference between what you have actually ordered and what you will get on your plate.

The mistake encountered the most while in Spain was when ordering still water, “Yes still water” repeated the waiter, and brought sparkling water anyway.

If at first I found that anoying, I decided not to care about it and just think it spices up the holiday even more.

 IMG_1545 eating in spain


Vamos a Barcelona #1 – American life

— Preface —

Hey Friends!

As promised by buz I have prepared a lot of articles. But before I start with the serious stuff here is a short introduction.

Beginning of  2013 I moved to Switzerland to work for an IT company based near Zurich. Since then I am still trying to get used to the Swiss way of life.

After not writing in French at all for over a year, I started sharing some short writings about my trips with my mother. One day, I felt like I wanted a broader public so I decided to start blogging again. The redesign of this blog was also the oportunity to start sharing our thoughts with you, non-french-speaking readers and friends. As I am not used to write on this blog in English, it may take some time until the texts become nice and fun.

But I am motivated and ready to take you everywhere with me starting now, we will go to Russia, Spain, the US, to my office, and Switzerland of course.

Our journey will start in Spain… Let’s go!

— Preface —

This summer we went to Barcelona with buz, like approximately 30% of my instagram feed. It was really awesome, very different of what I had imagined and strangely exotic. I have prepared a little report for you, full of pics and thoughts.

Barcelona seemed to me as a European version of Los Angeles. Palm trees, mountains all around with the same dry bushy look, a similar architecture, sun, tanned ans sporty looking people but most of all I could not stop thinking about the US when seeing the yellow traffic lights !

 IMG_1593 IMG_1651 IMG_1404IMG_1531IMG_1386 mini

lilibuznet v2

Hey! Incredible but true, lilibuznet is back on track!

After more than a year without writting, lili and myself wanted to start blogging again. In order to have a fresh start, I decided to completely redesign the blog. I hope that you will like it. I wanted the new design to be as minimalistic  and simple as possible in order to focus the attention of the readers – you, on the texts and pictures.

Here is what the old blog looked like:

Old lilibuznet

We encourage you to spread the word about us!

I heard that lili is preparing you a ton of articles.

See you soon!